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Welcome to Common Sense Coffee!

We're a community of visionaries and doers always looking to achieve the next major accomplishment.  We're here to give each other support to get to the next level, whether it's prepping for that next job interview, buying a house, or starting a business. We want to be the cup of coffee you choose to have with you during these important achievements.

We always love hearing your feedback and ideas on how we can make the experience better so please don't hesitate to reach out!

Justin Mencer, Webmaster and Nicholas Ramela, Marketing Director posing for a picture while stocking shelves full of Common Sense Coffee.
Common Sense Coffee's Washington Roast, tumbler, and original "Beanie" hat on a table.
Common Sense Coffee's Washington Roast on a counter next to a utensil container.
Common Sense Coffee's Jefferson Roast on top of a record player.
New Common Sense Coffee branded packaging tape in front on a computer with roasting curve.