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The Power of Teaching

Joey and Kerri-Lynn have dedicated their lives to education and scientific research. They will always be involved in the education community and they felt that it was time they gave back, so they created 25/8 Coffee. Their focus is on creating delicious coffee while helping out teachers, who work so hard for their students and schools.

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Author, Coach, and Strategic Partner

As a part of Common Sense Coffee’s Visionaries of the World Series, we interviewed Terry Boyle McDougall in order to learn more about her experiences as the CEO of Terry B. McDougall Coaching, a Chicago-based consulting firm, and to share her story.

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Health and Wellness

Dr. Tasha Holland-Kornegay has not only earned her doctorate, but also has started two of her own businesses: Wellness In Real Life and Our Treatment Center, PLLC. Her goals are to help current healthcare providers and to help treat people through the office and the comfort of their own homes.

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