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Today, we help tell Dr. Holland-Kornegay's story over a cup of coffee.

Dr. Holland-Kornegay enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

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In addition to earning her doctorate, Dr. Tasha Holland-Kornegay is doing something different. She runs two businesses that solve large-scale issues. Her first business is Wellness In Real Life, and she created it to help decrease healthcare provider burnout. Healthcare provider burnout and stress within the medical field is a huge problem today. There are not enough providers to treat patients, so providers end up working long hours to uphold public health. Her second business is Our Treatment Center, PLLC. It focuses on treating individuals, couples, and families who suffer from depression, anxiety, parenting issues, divorce, PTSD, traumatic life events, adjustment disorders, developmental disorders, grief, and bereavement through the office and home-based channels.

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We asked her some questions that reflect on her life’s work, provide advice, and of course, we ask why she drinks coffee. Here’s what she had to say.

1. What do you want the world to remember you for?

    I would love the world to remember me for bringing solutions to problems, and problems to solutions. It has always been a love affair of mine to work with people.

    2. What inspires or motivates you to do what you do?

    My community members inspire me to do what I do every day.

    3. Tell us about your biggest failure and how you overcame it.

    I’ve come to realize that failures are rarely as bad as they seem — if you spend the time trying to understand them, you can do a lot more than just overcome them: you can grow. For instance, I experienced a burnout episode in my life, which encouraged me to start WIRL and achieve a more stable, healthy lifestyle. I think if we all stop treating failures as dead-ends and start treating them as learning curves, we’ll all be better for it!

    4. Why do you drink coffee? Is it the taste, experience, or caffeine?

    Coffee, throughout our relationship, always allowed me to have a pause moment. A lonely moment. A moment of reflection. It’s pure pleasure. I’ve used it as an energy booster and a stress reliever. The aroma of coffee awakens me physically and mentally. I love having a cup of coffee over a good conversation with a good friend. I’ve been known to buy a coffee for the guy or gal in line behind me to share my coffee joys. It’s such a feel-good feeling, why not share?

    5. What is one tip that you can give our readers on how they can challenge the status quo and become successful?

    Do not be afraid to try. And do not worry about failing! If you pay attention, your failures become your lessons to assist you in succeeding. Surround yourself with genuine, positive, like-minded individuals. Having this positive energy makes a world of difference.

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    About Dr. Holland-Kornegay

    Dr. Holland-Kornegay sharing smiles across the room!

    Dr. Holland-Kornegay is passionate about helping others reach their maximum potential. She is an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. She created Wellness In Real Life to help decrease healthcare provider burnout. Having wrestled with a formidable case of burnout herself, she knew about working in high-stress healthcare environments. Creating WIRL allowed Dr. Holland-Kornegay to help herself and other healthcare professionals. Dr. Holland-Kornegay enjoys studying people and understanding their perceptions toward life and their surrounding culture, which in turn cultivates her love of bringing problems to solutions and solutions to issues. It has always been a love affair of hers to help and work with people. Dr. Holland-Kornegay is also the founder and owner of Our Treatment Center, PLLC. She is a Licensed Mental Health Clinician who earned her Doctoral Degree in Counseling (Human Services) with a concentration in Family Intervention Strategies. Dr. Holland-Kornegay has held positions of School-Based Counselor for Wake County Public Schools, N.C., Program Coordinator for Communities in Schools (not-for-profit), as well as working with inner-city youth as Program Manager for Covenant House of New York City (not-for-profit). Dr. Holland-Kornegay is a proud graduate of the North Carolina Public School System. She brings years of experience in the Mental Health field.

    Follow WIRL on Instagram @wellnessinreallife.

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