Our Story, Mission, and Values | Common Sense Coffee

Our Story, Mission, and Values

The Common Sense Coffee Team posing for a group photo behind the booth at the January 4, 2020 Rigs & Coffee event. Common Sense Coffee is a single origin coffee subscription service that focuses on providing coffee to people who are changing the world.

Common Sense Coffee was established in Alexandria, Virginia, in 2019 by a group of coffee lovers to convert a daily habit into a business. The goal was to learn more about and create a smooth, pleasing brew for ambitious and driven individuals, much like our Founding Fathers. Our mission is simple, to provide top-tier coffee to the visionaries of the world and share in their accomplishments. We offer premium, single origin coffee, and a community to the visionary, entrepreneur, and changemaker, so they feel inspired to build the future and change the world.


  1. Customer Centric: We're always engaging with our customers, asking how we can better serve them. The inspiration to do what we do comes for you. Without you, we wouldn't be here.
  2. Technology: We think technology can help bring us together and enhance the coffee roasting and enjoyment.
  3.  Sustainable: We believe there's a better way to enjoy a great cup of coffee. We're focused on reducing the environmental impacts of the coffee roasting industry.
  4. Forward Thinking: The past is the past, and it will always be there to reflect on what went right and what didn't. However, we try to look at how the future is going to be. We want to make a better future for all of us.
  5. Iterative: Everything doesn't have to be perfect when you embark on a journey. We embrace the value of iterative improvements. We can always get better. The most important thing is starting.