Below are a list of frequently asked questions we commonly get asked. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please send it to us via email and we'll be sure to get back to you!

1. What is single origin coffee?

Single origin coffee is coffee that originates from a single region like Colombia or Ethiopia. It differs from blended coffee that can be a mixture of coffee beans from all over the globe. Generally, single origin coffee is higher quality coffee than blended coffee due to the decreased variance between the coffee beans. This allows us to give you the best coffee we can.

2. What is small batch coffee?

Small batch coffee is coffee that is roasted in smaller amounts than a typical industrial coffee roaster. It allows our roasters to have greater control over the coffee we roast and allows us to almost roast to order. This gives you a fresher and better end product to enjoy.

3. Does Common Sense Coffee have a referral program?

We actually have two coffee referral programs where you can win free Common Sense Coffee gear! Our milestone referral program is milestone-based wherein you earn free stuff at certain milestones. You can earn some of our single origin coffee, drinkware, or merchandise. Our newsletter referral program is a leaderboard program where you can win a bag of our single origin coffee by getting your friends to sign up to our newsletter! We probably have the best coffee referral programs anywhere. Start earning free coffee today!

4. How much is Common Sense Coffee?

Our price is $14.99 per 12-ounce bag. We offer a 10% discount for those who sign-up for our subscription service where we deliver coffee to your door every 7, 14, 30, 45, and 60 days. We're also partnered with Bottomless and offer their WiFi scales to you so you can have a usage-based subscription.

5. How do I get featured as a visionary on the Common Sense Coffee blog?

If you're building something for the world and love coffee, send us your story and we'll get you featured on the blog. We love sharing stories of people doing great things and having a positive impact on the world. Join the visionaries of the world and share your story today!

6. How do I sign up to be a Common Sense Coffee affiliate?

Click here to head on over to our affiliate portal. We pay a 10% sales commission for ever successful referral. Payouts are easy to collect when you link your account to PayPal. We make payouts at the beginning of every month. Sign-up today and start earning!