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The Common Sense Team

At Common Sense Coffee, we believe the people behind a company should be as transparent and as authentic as the products it sells. We are just a couple of buddies who hold a shared vision of providing top-tier coffee to visionaries of the world and sharing in their accomplishments. Below are a few snippets introducing us where we tell you what we do. Welcome to the Common Sense Family!

Garrett Ramela, President at Common Sense Coffee

Garrett Ramela, President

Garrett helps to keep things moving forward. Some days he's roasting coffee or talking to customers, and other days he'll be working on designing a new product or working with the rest of the team to figure out our strategic direction.



Christopher Thornton, Chief Engineer & Roaster at Common Sense Coffee

Christopher Thornton, Chief Engineer and Roaster

Chris helps the entire team better understand the technology we use. Technology is at the forefront of what we do, and Chris's engineering passion helps us create a better coffee for you. He also roasts our coffee!

Justin Ramela, Social Media Director of Common Sense Coffee

Justin Ramela, Social Media Director

Justin keeps the lights on for our social media platforms. He's always working with Nick to come up with better content and better ways of engaging with our community. You can see all of his work on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Make sure to give him your feedback, and we need to know what you like to see!