What is Single Origin Coffee? | Common Sense Coffee

What is Single Origin Coffee?

A coffee scale with 340 grams of Common Sense Coffee's Washington Roast on it. This was the company's first coffee to be sent to a customer.

Have you ever heard or enjoyed single malt whiskey or single vineyard wine? You know these whiskeys and wines taste better than your normal off-the-shelf party liquor and box wine. But why do they taste better? They taste better because they are distilled or fermented at a single source, using a single grain or grape. This allows for a higher level of quality control with less variability, giving you a better drinking experience!

So if you like single-malt whiskeys or single-vineyard wines and like coffee, you’ll surely enjoy a great cup of single origin coffee. Single origin coffee is sourced from one region (or origin) of the world. Think Colombia, Kenya, or Ethiopia. Drinking single origin coffee gives you the confidence that you know where your coffee came from and that it tastes better!

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