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Win Free Stuff

Below is a list of different programs for you to have the opportunities to get free coffee and merchandise! Read for more information and how to sign up for each program: 


Newsletter Referral Program

Welcome to our Newsletter Program. This program gives you the opportunity to earn a free back of coffee every month! If you want to win free coffee, here's what you have to do. Call your friends and get them to sign-up for our newsletter. Call your friend's parents and get them to sign-up. And call you friend's parent's parents and get them to sign-up too! Easy right? For everyone you get to sign-up to our newsletter, you'll get a point. The top three points at the end of month will win a free bag of coffee! Click here to sign up!

Milestone Referral Program

Our milestone referral program is possibly the best out there, and it's so easy to start winning free stuff. Here's what you need to know. On every page of our website, you should see a little floating button in the bottom left corner. This button will be your link to the referral world. Within this link, you'll be able to sign-up and get access to your unique referral URL. Once you have your unique URL, all you have to do is share it with your family and friends to start participating. For each person, you get to make a purchase, you earn one referral. Now, let's look at what you can win. It's a lot, so keep reading. Also, click on the yellow button below to sign up!

  1. Two (2) referrals will win you a free Common Sense Coffee Logo Decal.
  2. Five (5) referrals will win you a free 11 oz Common Sense Coffee Mug.
  3. Seven (7) referrals will win you a free bag of Common Sense Coffee (of your choice too)
  4. Ten (10) referrals will win you a free Common Sense Coffee Tumbler
  5. Fifteen (15) referrals will win you three (3) free bags of Common Sense Coffee (also of your choice)
  6. And finally... Fifty (50) referrals will win you a year's supply of Common Sense Coffee!!! You'll get two (2) every month of your choice, no questions asked.

Affiliate Program 

We offer our most loyal promoters the opportunity to join our affiliate program wherein a unique referral code is created and shared. As people start to use the referral code, you start earning 10% of all sales. Get paid for doing what you already do, drinking and talking coffee! Click here to sign up and start earning!

Free Coffee Survey

Just as simple as it says, fill out a quick survey and be entered into a chance to win a free bag of coffee! Click here to fill out the survey!